Something to see from my weekend.

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend. Mostly of the Herald Designer Garage Sale, thank you to everyone who popped in and saw our stall (and double thanks to everyone who bought something, hope you are loving it!). It was a really great weekend.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends too. x

The Herald Designer Garage Sale from above.

The Designer Garage Sale tills.

Catalina and I's stall.

My new guitar boy being used to display a boatie necklace.

Catalina and the lovely Emily who helped us out over the weekend. Thanks Em x

Just outside the Westpac Tent, pre-(another) designer selection show.


Ginny said...

Looks crazy awesome! Did you make a bit? & OMG! Catalina has the jacket!! I have 5 days left to pay it off and I'm not even half way through... eek!

Anonymous said...

lol Olivia told me she had a friend with the jkt on layby, I work there so I got first dibbs!

lol to the max at Emily in the bubble wrap!

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