My sweet farfalle.

Of all the pasta shapes, farfalle is by far my favourite, it's followed me my whole life (if a pasta can do that?) and here she is popping up again. I'd love a farfalle ring or shoe, ridiculous but true.

Lucy Folk  farfalle bracelets & rings.

Melissa  farfalle shoes.

And speaking of Melissa's have you seen The Little Prince shoes in the latest collection? I love these yellow ones, it's a shame you have to squish him to wear them! 

A neatly fitting travel photo below.

Adventure Photos. Day six. 
Oscar Freire Street, Sao Paulo.

Me, excited to be visiting the Melissa Gallery, that we could smell a mile off!

Another brilliant Brasilian (sort of) shoe company. Havaianas. A whole store of Havaianas, bliss.

Our good friend Eduardo, on one of Sao Paulo's main avenues, Paulista.


little ruby and the sea said...

who new pasta would look so cute! :) xx

Mackenzie Yeates said...

hahah "you could smell it a mile off".

I have the melissa for alexandre herchcovitch oxfords. They are adorable but they smell like a public washroom.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

snap! I also have them, in black and I love them too. but mine smell like candies, you don't think yours smell like candies? I have to admit when the candy smell mixes with my feet smell (on hot days! ew) it gets a little nasty.

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