A Pee Wee Herman carnival.

Some new bits and pieces I've been working on for the upcoming markets. Hope you like them! A Pee Wee Herman carnival theme.

Pee Wee Herman bow plus lilac stud hairclip.

Pee Wee Herman bow on red.

Lilac Bow brooches.

Lemon bow brooches on shoes.

Carnival Bunting necklaces. More colours coming soon.

Happy mid week to all. x


little ruby and the sea said...
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little ruby and the sea said...

Super cute! I'll have one of each please :) xx

carina said...

hey! these are really cute!!!

kimberlee said...

you are too cute! Love the bows, I need some more accessories in my life, and now I am inspired!

Songbird Designs said...

Me love the Carnival Bunting necklace! Yes please!

the little look see said...

love em liv! go the bunting, I'm diggin it at the mo. Made some (large scale) and strung it up in my bedroom, feels like a carnival all day long hehe.

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