Some of the things I've been meaning to report. First on the list. 

Here are some new 'Lucky Penny' necklaces I've been working on. Swonderful has them in store and I'll have a bunch at this Sundays Kraftbomb.

My camels quite keen on them.

Next, a whole new kerfuffle of kiwis just hit Pauanesia, High St.

And, quite possibly the most exciting news of my week or month. Actually thats not true, the Viva blip was terrible grinny, but this is right up there in my best things this week.

I found Guaraná! Thanks to a friend, in two stores near the bottom of Queen St. And you can also buy it online from Amazonia. I lived off this drink in Brasil, and it brings back the fondest memories. 

Ahh Guaraná Antartica. Thank god I found you.

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