The weekend.



It was a mad weekend and not a single photo to show for it, my camera is in being fixed (I hope!). I crafted like mad, spent time with family, ate radishes with a french man, put my stall up and thanks to mum it came down at a beautiful market, swiped all the tasters from the chocolatier and french sweet extraordinaire my stomach and their kindness could take and sang loudly in the theatre watching Michael Jackson's final masterpiece.

It was hectic but it was nice. Ahead is a week of hard work but for now.

See the rest here.

Adventure photos. Day four.
Rio de Janeiro, Carnaval Street Block.

Learning how to holla like a real indian, but clearly not having a bar of it.

At least some form of ridiculous costume, hence present red noses, confetti, samba, large body of people and being asked for a kiss at every corner. I think my dears you've found yourselves in a carnaval block.

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kimberlee said...

oh sorry about your camera. love those pictures from carnival.

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