Goods on trademe.

I used to sell a lot of retro, vintage and second hand things on our New Zealand version of ebay, trademe. But stopped before travelling and now I have the itch to get started again. I love to thrift shop and think perhaps some people don't have the time and patience to do it. So, the brilliant things I come across that aren't quite right for me but might be for someone else will from now on be found here.

Some pictures of what I've got at the moment below.

More photography.

More photography, it's been a bit of a photo filled week. These just came through the other morning on 20x200 A Jen Bekman Project's daily email.

I think they are so great, with perfect description, I never really thought of my fridge being interesting but then again it's always nice to nosey through a friends.

I hope you like them too.

More from Tunisia.

Some more amazing Tunisia shots from my friend, Leo.

A message came from him while he was away reading: 'Tonight is the destiny night in the Muslim belief. Paradise is closer than ever and the prayer are more easily heard by god.'

I can only imagine it must have been an amazing time to visit a Muslim country. With other stories of walking through the date trees at an oasis, riding camels in the rain (with a bunch of Japanese tourists who all thought to bring raincoats into the desert, he did not!) and the smell of jasmine still filling his room, from the few twigs he brought home.

I am too jealous and long for my next adventure.

A small stream of water looking like a neon light.

The man himself.



A friend of mine just got back from Tunisia. I cannot wait to hear all about it. For now some of the pictures he sent me as show and tell.

The things I've held on to.

I'm meant to be tidying my things, but.. well I'm easily distracted. I just found this little tomato sauce packet that we were given a few years ago in advertising class. I held onto it because it's brilliant don't you think?

And another thing I found amongst my things that I've held onto for a few years. A zine I guess (I've lost it's cover) I found in Wellington my first year at University. Some quirky pages from it below.


A new gang in town and something not to miss.

The girls who run Kraftbomb, Karla and City, are pretty dam great but I think they've out done themselves this time. A Kraftbomb patched gang. Where do I join?

Coming soon is all I know.

And another thing worth a note is the art auction The Northern Steamship is holding tomorrow night at 7.30.

'A chance to bid for some amazing art from local and international artists, the auction is been held at the Northern Steamship 122 Quay Street close to Britomart transport center. There will be live music through out the night with performances by The EARLYBIRDS and other special guests playing after the auction.'

It turns out the great work on my local liquor shop (a few posts back) is by a guy I went to school with, Cinzah Merkins, and he's got work at the auction. Go!


Something to see from my weekend.

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend. Mostly of the Herald Designer Garage Sale, thank you to everyone who popped in and saw our stall (and double thanks to everyone who bought something, hope you are loving it!). It was a really great weekend.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends too. x

The Herald Designer Garage Sale from above.

The Designer Garage Sale tills.

Catalina and I's stall.

My new guitar boy being used to display a boatie necklace.

Catalina and the lovely Emily who helped us out over the weekend. Thanks Em x

Just outside the Westpac Tent, pre-(another) designer selection show.

Devonport this Sunday.

A quick note about the Devonport Craft Market. It's on again this Sunday, this time from 10am to 3pm (it's extending 1 hour over the summer months) and we'll be there with hopefully lots more bits and pieces.

I'm hoping to get a whole lot more maps done for this week. Hope you can pop in, even for a second.



I made it through my two days as one part of a two head dresser part team at the last two days of ANZFW. It was amazing as it has been all the times before I have volunteered and reminded me again why I give up my time to do it!

Thanks to all the lovely girls who worked with me, if you ever pop on here and read this!

The week finished with the 'Zambesi- 30 years in retrospect' show and I'm so glad I stuck around to work this show, my model was lovely, Liz Findlay (the designer) could not have been more gentle, kind and grateful and there was no yelling, screaming or hair pulling. The show began with jaw-dropping dancers and finished with a standing ovation.

I over heard two models talking about their first Zambesi show, both were in the 2004 show on Quay St and said they'd been with Zambesi ever since.

"I think that one might actually have been my favourite show ever."

Isaac Likes photo of Veronica Crockford Pound and Derya Parlak at Zambesi's show earlier in the week.


Free tickets to the Garage Sale!

It's the Herald Designer Garage Sale this weekend, 7pm -10pm on Friday night and 8am - 8pm Saturday and I've got 3 entry tickets to give away!

All you need to do is be keen to go and be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person to comment on this post. See down the bottom the 'comment' button. Remember to leave some way for me to contact you if you don't have a blog.

x Good luck! And hope to see you there!

Poppy Ribbon Brooch from Poppy & Clover.


High Fashion Mountain.

The lovely, talented lady behind Ran With Scissors just started up a new blog called 'High Fashion Mountain'. Her first post, a hello and! a great video about fashion in the year 2000.

'Oo swish'. It's definitely worth a watch!


Catalina & lily go to ANZFW.

This coming weekend a good friend, Catalina, and I have managed to score a table at the Herald Designer Garage Sale, part of Air New Zealand Fashion Week. We'll be there (or Cat will as I'm busy dressing for most of the day) on Friday night, 7pm - 10pm, and all day Saturday, 10am - 10pm. No Sunday this year.

Catalina will have a bunch of her necklaces and I am contributing my charm necklaces and some other small bits and pieces. We have a small spot in one of the corners so hunt us out if you can make it.

It's $15 to get in but your guaranteed a bargain and it also gets you into all the other attractions on that weekend. Apparently 'It’s more open, lighter and brighter, and guaranteed to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. There are twice as many designers, more changing rooms and double the number of eftpos terminals to make for it easy to find and buy those fantastic designer bargains.' Which is great because I went last year and it was so dark I could hardly see what I was buying!

Anyhoo, hope some of you might be able to pop in. x

Yokoo's got knits.

I'm pretty sure I've written about Yokoo before, but here she is again. This girl is so talented and fascinating, and with 750 sales and climbing on Etsy it clear I'm not the only one loving her stuff. One day I will own a knitted Yokoo piece. I hope! Next winter?

Some pics of Yokoo and her knits from lookbook.

And from her Etsy shop, pom pom shoe clips, yes please.


Seekayem and me.

The great piece right near my house. I wish we had more of these floating around Auckland, or are there and I just haven't spotted them?

It wraps all the way around my local liquor shop. Beaut!

My favourite.

You can catch the artists email in this shot. Is it seekayem@gmail.com.

And lastly a quick note about my birthday, below is the clock at 9 past 9 on the 9th of the 9th of 09, the day turned out to be quite possibly my best to date. Thank you so much to my family and friends! And I leave you with a photo of me, the goober, turning 23.

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