More things to note.

The last few weeks have been a very messy hectic blur. But I did managed to make it to the launch of Extra Curricular, it was in the nicest little bar, with the perfect amount of quirk and there was, of course, the happy hour and cupcakes. Plus the amazing magazine! 

I read it cover to cover (almost) that night and then my work mates stole it from me for a read the next day. It was a hit. I loved the music makes making fun section. I suggest you get a copy quick as the run is limited to 500!

My lovely family covered my Crafternoon Tea stall on Saturday but I managed to get a few pictures of my stall before I had to dart to work.

Putting the sign up.

And, the next day at the great launch of the Royal Oak Market (great food, lovely people, amazing products and seminars to boot- what more could you ask for from market?), all I could see were people reading EC



Some of the things I've been meaning to report. First on the list. 

Here are some new 'Lucky Penny' necklaces I've been working on. Swonderful has them in store and I'll have a bunch at this Sundays Kraftbomb.

My camels quite keen on them.

Next, a whole new kerfuffle of kiwis just hit Pauanesia, High St.

And, quite possibly the most exciting news of my week or month. Actually thats not true, the Viva blip was terrible grinny, but this is right up there in my best things this week.

I found Guaraná! Thanks to a friend, in two stores near the bottom of Queen St. And you can also buy it online from Amazonia. I lived off this drink in Brasil, and it brings back the fondest memories. 

Ahh Guaraná Antartica. Thank god I found you.

Adventure photos. Day eight.

More adventure photos as I've been a little slack.

Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil.
Wildlife Park.


Thank you.

Thank you all so much for your support. So far it's been 3 days and 3 looks. I hope I can keep it up. If anyone can help spread the word about it I would be so grateful.

And that post about the markets etc I promise is coming soon.


To Rome and from Point England.

Some more maps heading out and that have headed out.

One happy 'I'm from here' customer.

And two 'Take me here' Rome.

Auckland's got style.

I have so much to write about, the recent markets, the magazine launch etc, but also a lot to do at the moment. So for now will only post about the thing that has kept me up to this horrific hour on a Monday night.

It's this.

It still says coming soon because I'm not one hundred percent on the banner yet so this is something like a teaser post. Please, feed back! Hope you all had wonderful weekends.


Tomorrow is Crafternoon Tea.

And there is double the vendors. Last month was a cracker so I hope this one is too- it looks to be a serious Christmas gift buying event.

With so many stall holders I'm dead sure you'll find something for everyone. I'm hoping I will!

Crafternoon Tea - Trinity Methodist Church Hall, 400 New North Road, Kingsland. 10am-2pm.


In your spare time.

My memory is not so good, so often there are really great events on that I forget to go to. This one though I am doing my best not to forget. Tomorrow night at DOC on K. Rd (7pm), the very talented Ellie Smith is launching one hell of a good sounding magazine, Extra Curricular.

It's ' a brand new New Zealand publication dedicated to showcasing people who do interesting creative projects in their spare time as well as encouraging those who wish they did.'

Plus cupcakes and a happy hour, how could I refuse. See you there?

And speaking of Extra Curricular activities. Last night I made Tiramisù for the first time to take to a staff get together dinner. Who knew that Tiramisù was so easy to make? Probably most people but it was new information to me. I thought I would share the recipes (both a youtube video and a online written recipe), shared with me by some Italian friends so you can impress your work mates too!

I used a combination of both the video and the written recipe so below is my attempt to combine them for you.

Sure to please Tiramisù.

Ingredients: 2 packets of Savoiardi (I found these in Woolworths)
6 eggs (separate whites and egg yolks)
Espresso (I found I needed enough for at least 6 espressos, so 3 rounds on my 2 person serving Bialetti)
120 grams of sugar
500 grams of marscapone (Kapiti makes this)
Cocoa powder

This makes a lot of Tiramisù, in future I would half this recipe unless serving for many.

Things of note from the online recipe.
  •  Don't use American coffee in place of espresso. If you do use coffee, don't call the result Tiramisù, because it is not, and don't tell anybody where you got the recipe.  Don't use 'espresso blend' coffee of any type. It is not Italian espresso. Use an Italian brand such as Cello, Lavazza, Kimbo, Mauro, Illy, etc. You should be able to find it at an Italian market. It will be packaged in a 250gr. foil brick. You don't have to use the most expensive brand, but make sure it is Italian. Starbucks doesn't make any coffee that is even remotely close to Italian espresso. Don't bother trying to use it.
  •  This recipe uses raw eggs.
  • I use a electric mixer. Tiramisù can be made without a mixer. Many Italian families don't have power mixers. They are be able to make good Tiramisù. I'm not sure that I could though.

  • So, first off bring all the ingredients to room temperature.

    Then mix/beat the egg yolks with the sugar until creamy white. Add marscapone and combine.

    Then in another bowl beat the egg whites until fluffy.

    Fold beaten egg whites into mascarpone mixture. Mix only enough to blend.

    Now for the espresso. 'If at this point you've decided to use coffee instead of espresso, take the coffee you've made and drink it. Then make espresso.'

    Pour the espresso (that should be room temperature) into a shallow flat-bottomed dish. Quickly dip the savoiardi biscuits into the espresso, remove and then lay then down one by one in the bottom of your serving dish, until the whole bottom of the dish is cover in one 'espresso-ed' savoiardi layer.

    The online recipe notes: To get the right amount of espresso on the savoiardi, lay the finger flat in the bottom of the bowl sugared side UP and immediately pull it out. Place each finger flat in the bottom of the pan sugar side DOWN. The savoiardi will quickly absorb the espresso. If you soak the savoiardi in the espresso you will end up with soggy savoiardi instead of moist savoiardi

    Then spoon a layer (about 1cm thick) of the marscapone and egg mixture over the savoiardi base and dust with cocoa powder.

    Now all you must do is repeat the process again, another layer of 'espresso-ed' savoiardi, another of the marscapone and egg mixture and then another dusting of cocoa powder and hey-presto your done! The woman on the youtube video noted to lie the second layer of savoiardi the opposite was to the first.

    Try to refrigerate the tiramisu for 4 hours before serving, mine only got 2.5 hours in the fridge unfortunately but was still great. I recommend you watch the youtube clip once through, although all in Italian, just to see how she dips the savoiardi etc. Happy making. x

    I had one savoiardi biscuit that refused to fit in the dish so I made this baby Tiramisù. Cute.

    Etsy finds.

    Did anyone see the Etsy finds this morning? It featured Auckland, New Zealand and I just about fell off my chair. Some of my favourites made it on! Congratulations guys!



    Some of the new map orders that are going out today. I hope they are loved!

    Rome, 'Take me here'.

    Hamilton, 'Where I belong'.

    Wellington, 'Where I belong'.

    My Max.

    Today my new Max badge went on a Wild Things adventure.

    He has made my week. Thank you so much  Luisa. Get your own Max badge this weekend at Crafternoon Tea in Kingsland!


    Adventure photos. Day seven.

    I thought I'd do these ones in a post of their own, as there are a few more than three I'd like to show.

    Unicamp, Campinas, Brasil.
    Year One student initiation.

    Blogging tips