Cross St.

I'm using a 'tomizone' internet connection to post this as no connection at the flat! Not yet anyway, I hope so. It's terribly slow and frustrating, but I have something to post about.

Cross St, just one street down from K. Rd.

Something is going on there, two great new stores and I hope more to come? It's right around the corner from my new spot. One is 'We-ar', which I have a funny feeling I've spotted somewhere else. The clothes are fresh, simple (but somehow not) and very reasonably priced. Designed on Waiheke, (fairly) made in Bali.

The second. Tiny Space.
A vintage store, my kind of place. So reasonably priced, with some new bits and pieces mixed in too. Like wonderfully cute stationary and handmade jewellery. If you fit the bite sized levis in there buy them! They are so great. I managed to buy a pretty awesome yellow toast rack for the flat for just $12.

See the little toaster on the right hand side below in my new spot!

And the view. We can see the sea if you squint your eyes and stand on tippy toes.


the little look see said...

ooo eee will have to check out these new gems.

you been to that one in st kevins arcade, (reasonably new) "Aunty Mavis"? next to oui, quite cute.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

yes! and visit me while your at it? my nails are so nice and pink. Thanks Jess!

And agreed. Aunty Mavis is ruley too.

rosie said...

more flat pictures please :) And can you climb out your window and walk on the footpath roof? Because that is one thing i always wanted to do on Krd. If you can get a chair and soak in the sun and car fumes. ahhh bliss!!

I like this cross st, yes indeed

Kimberlee and Lies said...

O heavens! I knew 'bout We-R but not about Tiny Space. Must. Go. There. Now!!! Ta for the tip X

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