One hour of distraction in the morning is healthy right? I think I need it before facing the day of moving. In the hour I've come across some beauties! Made by Lennebelle jewellery. Coloured cord and ribbon has been on top of my mind lately (Rosemary's christmas gifts came wrapped up in some, amazing colours too) and I love what Lennebelle has done with them. And the way she presents the charm necklaces in the tubes- genial!

Your can see her site here, or shop here.

Tassel necklaces, one for each season.

Vintage charm necklaces.

Tassel bracelet.

And a 'You're my number one' tassel necklace.

And these Osborn shoes. Screw the gift for the house! :)

If all goes well, next post from my new house!


Ginny said...

Oh! I love them (shoes especially!) Wish they didn't have leather soles. The floral velvet high tops are totally awesome.

the little look see said...

ooooo i love the tassels! wishing you luck for the move :)

rosie said...

i cant wait to see my awesomely coloured ribbons :) Shoes are awesome, might have to replace my oh so smelly never leave the plastic bag toms.

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