A win.

Today I received some great New Year news. Over the Christmas break I won a Pikaland (and Little Paper Planes) giveaway! And it just so happens to be a print by one of my favourite artists, Katy Horan. I found her a long time ago when my Etsy addiction first started and although I've bookmarked many pieces by her since I've never purchased- now I'm soon to have a little piece of Horan in my hot little hands I think a purchase is necessary. But it's too hard to choose which one.

Thanks Pikaland and Little Paper Planes!

Some favourites of mine below from her recent work.

The print I won!

And another cutout to 'show off', Ginny from Friend or Doe just posted this beaut picture of the one I gave for her birthday. It looks so lovely in her home! Thanks Gin. Happy New Year everyone!


Kimberlee and Lies said...

You lucky thing! Happy new year gals.

Ginny said...


carina said...

oh, lucky!!!

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