New year at The Selby.

There are talks of change (more like expansion) at The Selby and I like it. The Selby book was one of the things I put on my mental Christmas wish list that I never got round to dropping hints about or posting about so I think I might have to snap it up for myself. 

I was, however spoilt by a friend with two amazing photographic books, 'Creature', photographs by Andrew Zuckerman and 'The Sartorialist', photographs by Scott Schuman. Reading them, along with the crateful of other photography books I got, hopefully my 'skills' (used very loosely) will improve! Onwards and upwards. But for now the new things happening at The Selby.

'This shoot is a little bit of a departure for me. I wanted to find new kinds of ways to apply my the concept of The Selby outside of peoples homes, and I thought a chef in a very unique restaurant would be a good way to start. Il Buco is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. The space started out as an antique shop in the '90s and at one point they just decided to start serving food, so it still has all the quirky reminders of its past. I think the chef, Ignacio Mattos, is doing something really interesting and creative with Italian food, taking its traditions and customs and stripping them down and making them seasonal and local in a fresh way. Look out this week for Part 2, including a recipe for panna cotta, and Part 3, with a recipe for persimmon salad.'

Choice. See the rest of the story here.

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kimberlee said...

happy new year to you too!

best of luck with your new adventures. !:)

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