Oh, Rio.

No doubt you've seen already, but Garance Doré and The Sartorialist have been in Rio de Janeiro at Rio Fashion. Quite possibly my favourite city on earth (of the ones visited so far!) and it looks like they've been mesmerized too. Garance's write up made me giddy, I think it's definitey worth a read.

Take me back!!

Top two- The Sartorialist, bottom- Garance Doré.


Miss Deb of Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

How do you always come across the coolest stuff, my dear?!

And yeah, I have dreamy photos like that of NZ!! Can I come home now? Maybe you'll consider coming to see the sights in Asia and visit little ol me sometime?

Hope the move went well, looking forward to seeing photos of your new place! Don't worry, everything will fit...just stack in a corner and hide with fabric until you're ready. Tee hee

Anna said...

Ohhh.. yeah I've seen those pics- makes me want to travel (ok.. South America is on the cards after Japan..?!)

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