Hello Rosie.

I had never heard of a 'Hello Rosie' slice before until last weekend. There in the cabinet of a favourite cafe (the delightful Shaky Isles in Kingsland) it sat with it's little 'Hello Rosie' sign.

Ever since I've been spotting them everywhere and tasted my first a few days ago. The flavour was intense but completely delicious. Hello Rosie, where did you come from?

My dear friend Rosemary, now based in Germany is thinking to start her own blog there and we've been tossing names about, most of which turned out to be already taken. So Rosie. Why not Hello Rosie? x


Oh Nancy!

A new favourite on Lookbook. What I wore today and Lookbook have become one thanks to Nancy! I love her sweet illustrations to accompany her looks. Definitely following!

Her lovely blog is here.


Let's hear it for the boys.

I have not been on the edge of my seat over a menswear collection (except my dear friend Rosemary's) in.. well.. ever I think. Perhaps I'm forgetting a major moment in menswear history? But these had my heart racing. All the looks are so exciting. I wait patiently to find real men in the street dressed like these.

And a name I've never heard before but definitely a new favourite, Henrik Vibskov. Also a Autumn Winter 2010/2011 collection.

And you can buy Henrik online and it's not horrendously expensive. There is hope!

Go Henrik!

Thanks Plastic Choko for the enlightenment.



If your bored. Read the comments following this photo on The Sartorialist. Very, very entertaining. And I'm also glad to discover most people feel the same way I do about the lovely Kanye West.

Oop. More vomit in mouth. It's a beautiful photograph but man I just can't seem to get my head around 'imma let you finish'.

This one definitely does more for me!


Cross St.

I'm using a 'tomizone' internet connection to post this as no connection at the flat! Not yet anyway, I hope so. It's terribly slow and frustrating, but I have something to post about.

Cross St, just one street down from K. Rd.

Something is going on there, two great new stores and I hope more to come? It's right around the corner from my new spot. One is 'We-ar', which I have a funny feeling I've spotted somewhere else. The clothes are fresh, simple (but somehow not) and very reasonably priced. Designed on Waiheke, (fairly) made in Bali.

The second. Tiny Space.
A vintage store, my kind of place. So reasonably priced, with some new bits and pieces mixed in too. Like wonderfully cute stationary and handmade jewellery. If you fit the bite sized levis in there buy them! They are so great. I managed to buy a pretty awesome yellow toast rack for the flat for just $12.

See the little toaster on the right hand side below in my new spot!

And the view. We can see the sea if you squint your eyes and stand on tippy toes.



It seems Melbourne only produces good things, would you agree? It's somewhere I'd like to visit one day.

This young lady is from Melbourne, her amazing toucan shirt is also from Melbourne (thrifted) and she's soon to be on Auckland Street Style. The end.


Oh, Rio.

No doubt you've seen already, but Garance DorĂ© and The Sartorialist have been in Rio de Janeiro at Rio Fashion. Quite possibly my favourite city on earth (of the ones visited so far!) and it looks like they've been mesmerized too. Garance's write up made me giddy, I think it's definitey worth a read.

Take me back!!

Top two- The Sartorialist, bottom- Garance Doré.


One hour of distraction in the morning is healthy right? I think I need it before facing the day of moving. In the hour I've come across some beauties! Made by Lennebelle jewellery. Coloured cord and ribbon has been on top of my mind lately (Rosemary's christmas gifts came wrapped up in some, amazing colours too) and I love what Lennebelle has done with them. And the way she presents the charm necklaces in the tubes- genial!

Your can see her site here, or shop here.

Tassel necklaces, one for each season.

Vintage charm necklaces.

Tassel bracelet.

And a 'You're my number one' tassel necklace.

And these Osborn shoes. Screw the gift for the house! :)

If all goes well, next post from my new house!

I'm not even there yet.

And I've been choosing housewarming gifts for myself already. I think I'll wait till I'm in to purchase. Especially since my room is so teeny tiny I'm not sure if even all the things I already own are going to squeeze in. One hopes!

Tomorrows the big move, wish me luck!

And one more thing to share before I hit the sack. I'm fascinated by turbans- this is a really great, short, simple video if your a little bit interested too.


Justin Richel.

In the middle of packing (yep, I'm finally moving out!) I stopped for a moment to finally frame the Ryan Berkley print I bought from his Etsy store yonks ago. It looks super and promise a picture soon- hopefully up in my new room. Framing it reminded me of another Etsy print seller I love dearly and hope to purchase, frame and place next to my small piece of Berkley.

The wonderful work of Justin Richel.

And lastly, Devonport Craft Market is soon to start up again, mark your shiny new 2010 calendars. Hope to see you there!

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