Venting Machine.

I found this clever passive aggressive anger release machine on the Design You Trust blog , it's made by YarisalKublitz. There are days when I would pay to smash some plates in an attempt to release my frustration- perhaps not ones quite as pretty as these though! You can find all their weird and wonderful inventions on their site. I especially like the sliding and collapsing chairs- the hangman light is amusing too.

I also found another great photographer, (and Gin did too- check out her blog ) on Design You Trust too, Ricardo Salamanca-Salamagica. You can view his advertising portfolio online, there are so many brilliant images I suggest you take a look.


kimberlee & Lies said...

Hey, pleased to meet ya (both)!
Wonderful links you just posted!
Thanks for pluggin' us!

X lies

Swonderful said...

I spent ages trawling after this post, thanks! & I think I need a venting machine... I used to vent with my Mum's prized china when I was younger & more evil. :/

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