mine, mine, mine

I wish it was all Mine!

I have fallen in love with every collection from Mine by Katherine Pont. Everything has a touch of delicacy to it without being overly girly- and her amazing illustrations and cut-outs have left me in awe. Who knew art could be so wearable. Katherine was born in Sydney and sadly (for us) moved to London after graduating from an honours degree in painting and drawing at the College of Fine Arts. She has lived in the UK for seven years, and has been designing her independent label Mine since it's humble beginnings in 2003. There's more information on the Mine site and myspace page. There luckily is one online stockist, the gorgeous Sotto boutique- they don't have much Mine stuff up at the moment, just two neat shirts, I'll let you know when more pops up.

Sotto also stocks beautiful vintage inspired frocks by Mooka Kinney (see second pic) and one of Ginny's from Swonderful favourite stationary designers Yellow Owl Workshop.


Hila said...

I've fallen in love too, so we share similar taste in clothes and vintage goodies :)

Katherine said...

Pssst! You can also find Mine online at www.standarddeviationny.com

Thanks lily and rosemary
x Kat

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