Hot Air Balloon Ride Crest Pin, by Suzanne Carlsen

I promised I'd post when I found out about any Suzanne Carlson stockists so here goes! It turns out there is one online stockist, Good Egg Shop, which sells just a few bits and pieces from her range and there are a few galleries that carry her work, in her home town Toronto and then in Ottawa and Montrealand. For anything else you can email her direct- you can find her email on her site.

The Good Egg Shop sells a whole lot of other great handmade goodies, including things from Anatomy of A Skirt who curated the Etsy Finds today. Here are a few of my picks from the site.

Burnaby and Alicia Paper Puppets by Pin Pals, Drawing a Blank Merit Badge by Lee Meszaros and a Moose Antler Ring by Anneke van Bommel.

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Lara said...

Heya :) thanks for the comment on my blog! I had another quick flick thru Frankie and your friend of a friend Sharon is indeed featured in it. 'featured' being somewhat of an understatement - you might already know what I mean ;)

Tis a great article tho :)

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