Weekend Wandering.

The boyfriend and I ventured away this weekend to my family bach in the Coromandel. It was freezing but one of the nicest weekends I've spent there and we even made it down to the beach once or twice. We were only there for one night and two full days but it was enough to feel like we'd had a real holiday, we even indulged and went to the Fire Place in Whitianga for tea which has the most delectable food and desserts to die for. I was quite suprised by how many people were around, the fish and chip shop was packed! The night we stayed and the night we left.

Richard got the chance to write some music, while I fiddled with owls and other goodies. Here are a few pictures from our 'getaway' for those who'd like to see.
Richard's new Trade Aid ted. They are seriously the cutest things you will ever see.
Freezing on the beach. Thank goodness for my grandmother's warm wooly cardi.
The frizbee rescue and our neighbours particulary good looking veggie garden in an old red dingy.

Some fresh new owls at sunset.
Have a lovely week!


Swonderful said...

So lovely! I'm jealous! Love the sunset owls... Must come visit your batch some time x

kimberlee said...

what a perfect weekend.
you guys are adorable by the way.

kimberlee & Lies said...

And grandma's cardy is beatifulllllllll!

lilysmakebelieve said...

yes! you definately must Gin (and Rom). Rich said Tracey family have a place there too? Some sunset owls are on their way to Swonderful as we speak!

lilysmakebelieve said...

Thanks Kimberlee and Lies! It twas a wonderful weekend- hope you both enjoyed your weekend too!

Paper Cut said...

Hello Olivia!

We are indeed keen on you helping us out with our project. I am a bit short on writing for the zine so I would love some kind of article on something that you make or do, or someone you know does. Hobby, craft, business, project...

A suggestion is a how-to guide on a topic of your expertise.

let me know if anything springs to mind, my deadline was a bit ambitious so don't sweat it, just let me know what your thoughts are and when you think you could have soemthing in. Feel free to illustrate / inlcude photos with your submission, or if you aren't keen I can sort something for you.

look forward to hearing from you,



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