Nice Suprises.

A got a nice suprise last night, although I knew something was coming- just not exactly what, from Ginny of Swonderful! A nice cheque for the things of ours that have sold in the shop over the past month and she sent me a kettle necklace from their new range! (oh! and a cute little piggy too). What a great way to end the day- a letterbox full of goodies. She also popped in a card made by some very talented ladies, Poppies for Grace, and said they're going to start stocking their things in the shop- so keep your eyes peeled Wellingtonians

Last week I received my first Berkley Illustration print, the raccoon above. Ginny's post featuring the raccoon photographs reminded me to post about it. At $7 (US) he was a steal and will be straight on my wall as soon as I find a suitable (and just as pretty) frame. I think I'll get the stately tiger next, and they've just done a hedgehog too.


Swonderful said...

Oh la la, what a lovely combination!
Raccoons are soooo in right now!

lilysmakebelieve said...

Agreed- move over hedgehogs! So great that you might be getting the prints in. Mine is my new pride and joy. x

carina said...

yay! good to see someone else loving the berkley illustration animal prints - my collection consists of the billy goat, a limited edition barn owl & the jack rabbit. but i really really want the horse, and temporarily have banned myself from the site!

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