Flickr photos

These photos are just beautiful- went on a wee blog trail this morning and found them. From Anemone to La to Particules. The photos are from Laurens flickr, and she has so many more. The colours in these two are my favourite, as they were Particules, and they're making my making fingers itch.


kimberlee said...

hey I think your blog is the best kept secret right now. Its just full of lovely pure goodness. I am going visit more often.

so so refreshing!

Claire said...

Hiya, yes that swap is totally possible. Just take the t-shirt to te-tuhi and swap it there, if it's not sold yet. Don't worry about the price difference, but let me know once you've done it so i can update the website.
Speak to victoria and tell her I said it was fine, and to adjust stock list accordingly!


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