Nice things for the weekend.

A few of my favourite things this weekend.

I would really love an excuse to use these wonderful personalised wooden icecream spoons from Paper+Cup- one day I'll find one.

And I spent a while browsing Design Sponge today- I really love their latest post which features Nea's wallwear embroidery, she also does really beautiful necklaces and other bits and pieces. And another post they did on the illustrator Jen Corace, her stuff makes me smile and I like how she takes time for so much detail.

And lastly, I went to a house party last night and a really good friend from high school happened to be there too- was great to have such a chance meeting and made the weekend that much better. Was delightful to have such a good catch up.

I hope everyones having a great weekend too.


Ginny said...

Very nice, I was digging that cross stitch goodness too. & the detail in those illustrations, wow! Love the wallpaper. mmmm I making pumpkin soup, in your honour!

carina said...

Did you see the acorn necklaces in the neawear etsy store? super cute! and the jen conrace pic was nicely glued into my visual diary on friday arvo - how can 1 person be SO talented?!

Janick - Nea said...

YAY! Thanks so much for having my Wall Wear on your blog, it's super kind of you!!! :)

Anonymous said...


徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..


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