I know this might sound naive but I never really thought there was abandoned cities around the world, sure there is in movies and Ancient ones, yes of course. But I didn't think their was anything from mine, my parents or even grandparents life time. Turns out I was rather wrong. After reading Helga and her Holga's post on a abandoned theme park in Korea and being suprised that the theme park had not been destroyed after 30 years of closure, I did a little research into abandoned structures.

And as it turns out there is a lot! This site is great if you'd like to mooch through them all, but below are my particular favourites and a blurb about each one taken from the Web Urbanist site.

'Rumors abound regarding this legendary abandoned pod city (aka ‘UFO town’) of San Zhi, Taiwan, which was supposedly built by the government of Taipei to be a luxury resort for expensive holidays on the water. Built in the 1970s or early 1980s the modularity of the designs has raised retroactive suspicions that perhaps these stacks were intended to be built vertically over time. Theories on the abandonment of this massively strange undertaken range from poor insulation in a difficult climate, the dissolution of business partnerships, the failure of a regional real estate bubble or even that so many workers died during construction that the place was abandoned as - unable to be destroyed out of a cultural taboo on interfering with the homes of spirits and lost souls. '

'Gunkanjima, Japan. Once known for having one of the highest population densities in the world (1.4 people per square meter) “Battleship Island” is now completely deserted. Known today as “Ghost Island,” this strange place stands out from other hundreds of abandoned Japanese islands for its massive concrete sea walls and omnipresent and ominous concrete architecture. Some people have snuck onto the to take photographs and explore.'

'Varosha, Cyprus. Photographing this city, fenced off by the Turkish military in 1974, is forbidden. These images show a rare glimpse inside of this eerie ghost town. The area was once home to thousands of Greek Cypriots who have been denied for decades the right to return to their homes. The photographer who took these images nearly lost his camera to a military patrol, and the slanted angles are a result of shooting from his side when he could.'

Abandoned Submarine Base. Balakava is a small town on the Black Sea Coast that was once the secret home to a Soviet nuclear submarine base. People with resident family members were not even allowed to visit the town without special dispensation from the government. Today, all of the submarines are gone but the base remains remarkably intact and can be visited by urban explorers from around the world.


ruby in the dust said...

how amazing! you should also check out kolmanskop in Namibia, it's very old and pretty much covered by the desert sand: http://www.namibia-travel.net/southnamibia/kolmankop.htm

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

my gosh that place is amazing in Nambia, beautiful photographs on that site of it too. Thank you for the heads up on that one! Definately a ghost town! :)

Ginny said...

lovely & creepy & cool all rolled into one, nice researching! The pod buildings are amazing X

kimberlee said...

whoa, awesome post. Helen of stripy socks, sent me a flickr link to a bunch of photos of those pod homes, so I had seen those before, but I find the concept of desert cities beautifully haunting too. and like you, thought of them as something that would not exist in our time. there are also ghost towns in colorado! ooohhhh ahhhhhahhhhh

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