Another fantabulous Kraftbomb happened this weekend- in the bigger hall at the Grey Lynn community centre. We could breath and move about and so could the punters, the buzz was great. Jess and I had a fun time on a the stall as always and here is a whole lot of Kraftbomb love pictures below for you to enjoy (I hope!).

Our full stall this time. We collaborated with more friends and filled it out nicely I thought!
Swonderful's new (and awesome) Diamond Sea knitted hair accessories. Ginny sent a bunch up to pop on our stall, we love them!

Our stall, again. (above)

Sharon and Nicola from Cardboard Box zine were out in force once again, with some great heart earrings on their table too and a pic of some of the greatest bow necklaces from Anna McCool's stall.

Anemone's bunnies & wild kitties + their beaut toddler sunhats.

Some amazing toys from two new Kraftbomb stalls. Velcome.
What would we do without Fred's lemonade!
And after an awesome morning I returned to this.

But looking at my purchases when I got home cheered me back up again. A 'Trollop' plate from Trixie Delicious and a Bag of Boogies (complete with hankerchief!) from Geek Freaks.


Swonderful said...

Looks all so great! (Except your tire! was it a malicious act? a jealous crafter perhaps?)
So nice to have a mixed up stall.
& nautical chocolates? OMG!
I neeeed nautical chocolates!

Anna said...

Thanks for the mention! Bummer about the tyre.... hope the rest of the day was ok!

kimberlee said...

ah such a good day with amazing work there!

too bad I missed it.

what was the flat from? did some one puncture your tire?!

the little look see said...

super duper recount of the days events o!
ooo so want one of those wee animals creatures, just adorable. our stallie is going up in the world ehhe.

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