Recruiting all Selfish people.

One of my good (and very talented!) friends, Fran, is working on a project for exhibition called Selfish.
She's is asking anyone and everyone from all walks of life to participate by creating a black and white self portrait of themself, to then be photographed with. No matter what your artistic level! As you can see from my pic above, drawing is not high on my list of talents, if on the list at all. No sniggering please.
It was fun and challenging to work on my own and I felt a wee bit proud of my retarded creation in the end, even if my BF laughed for 10 minutes solid after I showed him. He claimed he could do a better picture of himself so at least it got him involved too!

If anyone in the Auckland area is keen to have a go and participate- the project is planned to be exhibited in November- please get in touch with Fran as I know in cases like these it's much better to have more than less to work with!

Below are some of the other people who have got involved in the project so far.


Ginny said...

Oh you are cute! You totally got your smile right. So did Richard draw himself? I would like to see that.
I like the young boys style- quite accurate too.
Alex you are also super cute! X

kimberlee said...

great idea!

I love the photo of you, you look as sweet as sugar pie. if only we could have a closer look of that drawing!

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

hehe I'm pretty with that distance thanks kimberlee! :) the less you see the better

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