We got our hands on some super sweet charms this week and I whipped them into necklaces over the weekend. There's a bit of a food and travel theme (two things we love!) plus some extras.

I am hoping to pop a small bunch on Etsy this week and but am keeping a good few aside for the next Kraftbomb. Hope ya'll think they are just as cute as we do!


auntiepeachvintage said...

Oh my LORDY, the fortune cookie! Could you please save me one for the next Kraftbomb? When *is* the next Kraftbomb?

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

ahaha! I'm loving the fortune cookie too- and we can definately reserve one for you miss peach! We've got a silver version too if you prefer. The next Kraftbomb is the last Sunday of this month- which is.. the 26th? I believe.

Ginny said...

And the pretzel & the suitcase!
They are totally adorable. X

the little look see said...

lookin jolly good.
decisions decisions!!

kimberlee said...

oh those are sweet.... if only necklaces didn't ALWAYS get tangled in my hair, how do you guys prevent this?

you have long hair too?

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