Flying the coup.

Recycled Map Envelopes from Ari & Maya

Our flights are paid in full, so now it is official. Rosemary and I are finally heading off (in a few months) on a trip of a life time.

Auckland - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires - Rio De Janeiro - Salvador and Sao Paulo
Rio De Janeiro - Los Angeles - San Fransico - San Diego and as many other places as we can fit in on the coast (I'm hoping to trek to Portland!)
Los Angeles - New York
New York - Reykjavik
Reykjavik - London
and on to as much of Europe as humanly possible!

Excited? Just a little!


the little look see said...

wiiiickidly exciting!
liking those map envelopies too. (could go on the inside too, ps please send style)

Lies said...

Wooooooooow you girls!!!
Fantastic!!! I like the way you've got some (big chunk of) South America in your trip too!!!
XXX Lies

kimberlee said...

i am so jealous! but in a good way, I hope you guys have a blast!

Swonderful said...

Oh how we'll all miss you! You'll have to blog en route, or else!! I can't believe you're going to Iceland?! I don't think I know anyone who has ever been there... choice!

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

I think I will definately or will definately try to blog en route- if I have enough pennies to spend at the internet cafe. Yes, Iceland! I'm very excited about visiting there. Our flights took us through there anyway so we figured we best stop rather than sit in the airport for an hour. We are just staying 4 days, same as in Buenos Aires :)

helga said...

choice envelope, plus wicked lineup - sooo exciting.. im extremely jealous!!! maybe ill just have to see you over there? :-)

ruby in the dust said...

lucky you!! see you this weekend, maybe I'll be quick enough to get an owl.

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

helga! I hope!

Amber said...

My goodness, what an adventure! Then London for a while...? Aw I want to go trekking around the world too!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Hey Amber, I'm just taking a six months trip so not planning on planting me feet in London but will definately be there for a wee while. excite excite.

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