Troop Beverly Hills.

Image from Troop Beverly Hills. Jenny Lewis bottom left.

Troop Beverly Hills was one of my favourite childhood movies. I must have watched it at least 20 times, but our video copy of it (taped straight from the t.v. 80's ads and all) was no where to be found the last time I looked for it.

The movie made me love the Beatles song 'When I'm 64' and taught me the art of a good ghost story, as well as a whole lot more nonsense. It's such a gooden, or was. But, anyhoo, the reason for this post is that I just discovered that one of the stars, Jenny Lewis, is now a folk singer- and a not too bad one at that. Being a childhood star doesn't always bring out the worst in people it seems.

Jenny Lewis.

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Swonderful said...

Rilo Kiley yo!! Woot. Aaaand woot again. XX

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