It appears I've got a steadily growing girl crush. It only started two days ago when I saw the post about Bambi on Maths is Dead and now she's popped up on The Sartorialist. Perhaps part of the fondness is that I had 'Bambi' as a nickname for a while there.

I think she's instantly become my favourite Australian model- named Stef Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Not only is she gorgeous with killer eyebrows, she looks like she's be lovely too. I think she might just be one to watch!

Her Sartorialist picture.


Anonymous said...

A little know secret about Bambi is that she is genetically a man (hence her bushy man eyebrows). She also has an enlarged clit ala Lady Gaga (Check photos with her in panties).

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're most defiantly wrong! I lived with her for a term at school camp. We shared a room. She is far from a man and nothing like Lady Gaga. You don't have to make up stupid lies because you are jealous of her natural beauty.

Anonymous said...

holy mother fucker.

dear anon that lived with her,

please please please message me on my blog

thankss!! x

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