Extra Curricular.

I've finally stocked my Felt store to the brim with wee owls, just in time, or perhaps a few days late, for the release of Extra Curricular no. 2. Another brilliant magazine! My little owls made it into the back pages this time, chuffed.

If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you grab a copy. Just tell me how you could resist that hydrangea cover? The illustration is done by the editor, Ellie, a woman of many talents.

Some of the owls. On their photo shoot day out.


Amber said...

Do not fork, haha. Those owls are mighty cute; and as you'd expect from me, I love the hydrangea illustration!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Haha, glad someone found, 'do not fork' as entertaining as me :)

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