New things to sell and keep.

There will be a few new things on my stall at Kraftbomb this weekend. Including these Autumn Catarina  headbands made from fake flowers. I hope to see you there. 

There will also be some of Mexico inspired bits and pieces, including new necklaces!

Yesterday I also finally got round to making some 'on a budget' business cards for street style so I feel slight more professional.

And a package arrived from Rosemary. Its the second one in a very small space of time. All the way from Germany. What a wonderful friend she is. She knitted me this scarf! Which doesn't look as beautiful as I imagined on this tree. 

And a teacup ring she made that arrived in the last package. It's so brilliant! I feel like Alice when I wear it.

Lastly, in my show and tell, are these cups from Merci. Rosemary sent them to me for Christmas. Have I showed them off before? I hope not but if yes it's because I love them! They are made from tin it feels like and they fit so perfectly in my Bialetti. Thank you so much Rosie!


Jessicah Win said...

Hiya! Love your heabands :) I think I was sat next to you at the book keeping night last week, I didn't get a chance to intorduce myself. So hi! I'm Jessicah :)

Irony Maiden said...

Love the headbands! Wish I could be at Kraftbomb to buy one. Great work :)

Miss Deb of Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Ah, I saw the some tea cup rings the other day and thought of you! Am hoping to get me one soon!

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