In the void.

There is a new website being launched called In the Void. It looks pretty brill! All about Australia and NZ fashion and for one of their first articles they interviewed me. About ASS! Which I was/am pretty excited about but just had a look at it and now I'm feeling rather shy and funny about being grouped with such talented people. Phil Oh! Oh, oh, oh!

So consider this my trumpet. Toot, toot!


Rhiannon said...

The interview was great.
And what a neat article, I love super long pieces and they really covered the board, which is awesome. I have been following A.S.S (heh) from the start and it just gets better and better. I, too, love that the pics are people going about their business. )And also that two of the photos have been of people in undies. haha. Auckland's got some good business.) Keep up the excellent work!

Songbird Designs said...

Oh Yeah! Well deserved Olivia. I love the interview. I love your take on Auckland style. It is relaxed and 'anything goes' and that is what makes us, us. I have really enjoyed seeing some of the individual style that graces our footpaths, parks and venues. Thank you for making that possible! Sx

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