Dawn Service and more winter woolies.

I dragged myself out of bed on Anzac to get to the Dawn Service at Auckland Museum and I'm so glad I did. First of all the 5.15 wake up made me feel like I was going to the airport which is always exciting. Then arriving in darkness onto the Domain's grass to park with hundreds of other cars all driving on the Domain's grass in the dark. Thrilling! The service was moving. So many people, up so early to pay there respects. I like that sense of community.

I also enjoyed the old man next to me commentary all the way through.
Over the speaker: 'We will now sing the Australian National Anthem.'
Old man: (makes a sound similar to a raspberry at this announcement)
Over the speaker: 'We will only sing the first verse and then the Maori and English versions of God Defend New Zealand.'
Old man: 'One verse too many!'

And more green inspiration for my winter wardrobe. That green is after me.

More thoughts on winter. Can you tell I've been spending my time browsing street style websites lately?

These last two I found via Maths Is Dead.

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