Welly, you're so swelly!

I went to so wonderful, Wellington a few weeks ago. Boy, oh boy do I love that town. It never lets me down. A friend and I went, and we only made it there on our second attempt. The first, our car broke down outside of Tokoroa- which didn't turn out too bad. We had a poor wee kitten with us who was a dream companion, as was my friend and so many amazing strangers came to our rescue. A mention must be made to my good friend, who drove the 3 hours to collect us when we heard the car would take a week and $1900 to fix. Plus Tokoroa is bursting with opshops, I think we counted 6 in total of which 3 were open and one giant Save Mart.

I collected a pile of goodies, much to our saviours disgust but we managed to get it all back to Auckland.

Take two, the next weekend. I was lucky enough to look after the sweetheart kitten for the week between, and he was driven down with his new owner the same day we flew. So he drove and we flew you ask? Bad planning. In Wellington we stayed with our amazing friends, one of which owns the mighty Swonderful store on Victoria St.

Wellington delivered.

Incredible descending views.

Blanket man, who has his own Wikipedia!

Great food with great friends in their beautiful home.

A happy kitten, who made friends pretty quick.

Moore Wilson's where I picked up this beauty!

Lots of wind.

And quirky cafes.

A Swonderful store that I wanted to take home with me, and I delivered them some sweet new owls.

And we even saw this happy fence.

Oh and plenty of Bret and Jemaine sightings to boot! A perfect break. It makes working over the Easter break taste less sour. Thanks Gin and Rom!


Lady Rockstitch said...

Love your blog. Love Wellington. Miss Auckland. We have been living in Oz for the last 18 or so months so its wonderful to read your blog. thanks heaps.

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

aaaw, wonderful pictures :)

Nicola said...

Kitty's friend doesn't look too happy! Your necklaces are cute!

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