This weekend past.

I made it to a different kind of market in the weekend. Not a craft one for once, (although I did pop my head into Crafternoon Tea too) it was the Otara Market. The fruit and vege there is crazy cheap! And delicious. All my $3.49 per kilo feijoas are gone and my golden kiwis are almost good enough to eat.

I also managed to get some great street style pictures. They'll be on ASS soon!

My lovely friends scoffing Rarotonga donuts.

This was 99c. Similar to a pumpkin we were told, it's name.. I've forgotten.

Store holder: 'How do you tell the difference between a male and female eggplant?' 
Us: 'Ahh....'
Store holder: 'Let me give you a clue' as he holds up this beauty.

And some more winter wardrobe inspiration from Face Hunter.


the little look see said...

looks like lotsa fun. that egg plant is gold! haha

little ruby and the sea said...

haha nice little post O. xx

Miss Deb of Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

What are the odds that I went to Uni with the good looking guy with the fedora! He always looked awesomely funky whenever I saw him on campus too. Miss you lady!

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