Sweetie Treaties.

My mexican friend's wonderful mother sent him not one but two boxes of sweets for his birthday this year. I was lucky enough to try one of each type of sweet treat contained in each box. All were delicious, almost all were spicy (some so bad my mouth burned and eyes watered) and this one was the strangest by far. Why would you want to eat something that looked like a wax strip? Answer. Because it tastes so good!

You fold them up to create whatever shape lollipop you like. Or you could attempt to lick the large strip but I imagine that would be difficult and messy.

I also got a new apron a few weeks back, at the last Kraftbomb that I've been meaning to rave about. It was from a new seller, Ferrits friend, Tiara, I hope she'll be back again. It's made from an old shirt (or perhaps nighty, its so big!) and I love it. It's been encouraging me to bake hanging there in our kitchen.

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