Das Park is full of pipes.

One place I'd love to stay in on our travels is the drainpipe 'hotel' of sorts that is Das Park Hotel.

The hotel is situated in a park right off the Danube River, and it's rooms are made from old drainpipes which have been converted into comfortable and stylish sleeping areas. No toilets or showers mind you but I think I could definately survive a night without such luxurious to stay here and it notes that their are public facilities around that can be used.

The best thing I think about this incredible idea is that you pay what you can afford or what you think your night was worth. I can definately see Rosie and I top and tailing in one of their great rooms, I have my fingers crossed we really get to do it.


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Woah, that's mad...i'd give up the simple luxiries to sleep in a pipe any day! :P
They've made the decor so cozy too!

Ginny said...

It's beautiful, but a bit eerie or something? I think you'd have some pretty nutty dreams in them things!

Sarah Von said...

Intriguing! I would never have suspected a drainpipe could be made to look so cute and inhabitable!

ruby in the dust said...

I hope you get a place there (and no claustrophobia!!). happy new year :)

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I know its so beaut inside! But I can't imagine I'll get the best sleep but too bad. :)

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