Some things I've been meaning to tell you about.

My good friend Alex is born on Christmas Day. Which makes birthday celebrations a little difficult, so this year we had a small suprise picnic with close friends to celebrate on the 23rd. We set ourselves up, decorations and all (homemade bunting included) in Wenderholm Park, just north of Auckland and all brought scrummy goodies! Kendal baked the cake (which was delicious!) and we think/hope the afternoon was lovely for her.

Happy Birthday again A! xx

Those close to me know am a wee bit of a Obama fan, lets face it who isnt?, to the point where I recieved this for Christmas (and love it!). It was painted by the very talented Libeau team (you can often find them at Kraftbomb) especially for me after a request from my boyfriend, thank you! and thank you guys!

My mum made these little badges to wear on the Inauguration day too, guess Obama love runs in the family.

And last but not least another gift for Christmas I just could not fail to mention (actually two)! Hello Cupcake! Hooray, many happy hours decorating cuppies to come.

But my all time favourite gift this year (well last year now) would have to be my harmonica. I have been blowing away on that baby ever since the 25th, most probably much to the dislike of my family and friends. Hope you're all still enjoying your gifts and got to enjoy some lovely time with your families over the break. xx


catalina said...

heh heh heh
ilove it! i am jelly of your obama pic!
your mum makes u the coolest things!

little ruby and the sea said...

I loved my surprise party/picnic! I was telling people about it for days!! Thank-you!!!

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