Market Publique.

I just stumbled upon Market Publique and so far love everything about them. Loving the logo and the mushroom tunic especially. They aren't ready for business just yet but sounds like they're nearly there and no doubt they'll stuff sell out immediately (it's all so gorgeous). Their photography is styled so perfectly and are being bandied about on Lookbook 'hot' page too, great advertising no doubt. That's how I came across em!

As well as selling their own bits and pieces it sounds like its going to be a vintage etsy sort of affair so you can upload and sell your own vintage pieces too. Sounds like a bit of me, I've joined the mailing list already. You can see their progress on their blog here.


:Sarah: said...

ooh i like!

Market Publique said...

awww! you're so sweet!

thank you so much for featuring us!

and we're launching super soon: March 8th (next Sunday), so stay tuned!

- Pamela

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