Making the most of the long weekend.

I've been working on a bracelet project today, since it's a long weekend I thought it would be a good idea to test out some of the things I've had waiting in the wings. I brought these liberty bells before Christmas with grand wrapping ideas in mind but it didn't happen so now here they are on these bracelets.
The longer version, with gold chain.
The shorter version.

I am off to do some very, very exciting tonight, will let in on the secret tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend here in Auckland.


little ruby and the sea said...

cute o! well done looks amazing!

Ginny said...

Is the surprise what I think it is?? Yeehoo!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

it sure is Gin, post about it to come tonight! eeeeeee!

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Pretty, pretty. Woh, surprise? Oooh exciting!
X Lies

Gina said...

hmm, lovely skirt too - where is it from??

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