The City Designers Market.

A great place to go for brilliant clothes in Auckland is the City Designers Market. Alex and I both bought this skirt last weekend, we figured I'm off and we both loved it that much. It's a Flox number and is such a nice soft fabric. I'd been wondering where all the talent from the Aotea Markets had run off to!

The 'market' (more like a sporadic store) is open every Friday & Saturday, right off the square between High Street and Chancery. You won't miss it and it's not to be missed!


Amber said...

Haha I went there yesterday and bought a Flox piece too! The Sugar Skull singlet <3 Love her stuff.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Score! I've had my eye on those sugar skull singlets for a while, didn't see them when I visited the market though. Rats!

kimberlee said...

i have foudn some good stuff there as well. In fact I was there today and think I saw that skirt. Instantly liked then cursed it's uber short length, which on me would be simply scandalous.

though it was made for you!

Anonymous said...

hey girls

thanks for the big ups, it is so great to hear ya lovin the floxy wears.....

flox x

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