Fresh flowers, skulls and crossbones.

I took a leaf out of Kimberlee's mom's book last night and wore fresh flowers in my hair. They had nearly died before we made it to the bar but were super while they lasted. I chose my favourite, hydrangeas, which I picked up for $3.50 on Ponsonby Road.

Note to self. Next time put flowers in hair right before leaving and stand in the rain every once in a while to keep them looking fresh. I'll definitely be wearing fresh flowers more often- they double as a fresh summery perfume too! I also wore the badge I made at the jewellery course Alex and I completed a few weeks ago (made in copper and then spray painted black) .

On another note, I subscribe to I Heart Luxe which is a really great 'e'mail out with all sorts of amazing products featured from a variety of sites, and they don't send out hundreds of emails a week to drive you mad. Todays mailer featured this skullcave for kids, (or grownups?) I wouldn't mind one in the corner of my room! See another great (but pricey) product featured today here.

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Lies said...

A very happy new year to you m'dear. May your wings fly you safely to shiny new havens... Soon eh! What pretty things you just posted about. I also had a look at your awesome shoe-stash, alas not my size..
X Lies

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