My last Kraftbomb.

Although yesterday was a very quiet Kraftbomb it was a lovely send off. Nice and relaxed and our charm necklaces did really well so feeling pleased. I only managed to get one photo in this time as I had to dash so soon afterwards and we spent the rest of our time maning the stall and opening Jess's presents, it was her birthday last week!

I also picked up one of Miss Ellie May's beaut tees for the old BF, which I plan to give him when I head off. Miss Ellie May is an illustrator that pops her great drawings onto tees, teatowels, stationary packs and more. I got one of her stationary packs yonks ago at the Cross Street Craftwerk but its so pretty I've only used one or two pages of it since, I can't 'bear' to part with it!

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teresa said...

I missed Kraftbomb yesterday, unfortunately. Sad...

Last time I picked up a teacup candle from EllieMay's stall, I believe she said her friend's been making them. Super cute!

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