Starting anew.

Christmas and the new year have come and gone so quickly, it's just about time to get back to it.

Rosemary and I's trip is creeping up on us so fast and I am thinking about it everyday now, a little excited but mostly feeling frightened! So I had a quiet new year up north with good friends and mud underfoot, thanks to December weather here in NZ. Relaxing and trying my hardest to think about today and not tomorrow.

Here are some shots of how I've spent the holidays, with new camera in tow!

A quick stop to admire the view on the way to visit a friends bach in the Coromandel after Christmas.

North Shore Hospital hands sculpture.
Visiting my dad in hospital, a frightening health scare, but pleased to say he's home now and mending. A reasonably rundown hospital with wonderful pieces of art- good to see they have their priorities right.

Cafe Eutopia.
A must stop in to see (and taste) just out of Whangarei .

Curious lizards.

Lifeguard to my snorkel mad boyfriend.

The swonderful bed & breakfast we thankfully got to enjoy a night at after 3 nights of camping.

And their cat Cola.

Bedside reading. How to be the almost perfect wife??
I'm not going to lie, I read the thing cover to cover, it doesn't sound too hard.

Russell's opshop.
I didn't find anything that day but did love their light and changing room decorations. Definately worth a look.

Some of the delightful goodies at the Russell markets (which consisted of about 3 or 4 stalls, all of which were fantastic). How I love hydrangeas, if you do too look here at Ambers tattoo (beaut!).

And lastly. We went Parasailing and it was amazing. This is not us but our day looked very similar. Photo from Hawaii Life.

Happy New Year to all!


Amber said...

Happy New Year to you too! May it be filled with a million adventures and sunshine xo

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

You went parasailing??!! You're so brave!
Love the pictures...especially the hand sculpture one and glad your dad is on the mend! Parentals are a bit of worry sometimes aren't they.
Also think that shot of the boyfriend in his snorkel gear should go on those tourism type postcards tee hee hee

Ginny said...

:) :) :) wish I had gone to a b&b too... although the bath at Rom's ma's when I got home was pretty fab. X

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