Carnaval and Kraftbomb.

I'm sorry my posts have become few and far between, they unfortunately will probably become more so in the days up to our trip. Most of the time I spend on the net now is assigned to trip planning, sorry for not being around! Thought I'd let you in on one little bit of planning though- our costume for Carnaval! Yes, we are really doing it! Rosie and I will be strutting our stuff (attempting to samba and to sing a song in Portugese) in the outfit on the right. I cannot wait!! A little hesistant about the yellow curly wig but the rest I think is great.

We are dancing with Acadêmicos da Rocinha and this year their samba is about Rio in early 20th century, when the city was more "french" and one of the cartoon designers of this time J.Carlos and the Belle Epoque.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, will be my last Kraftbomb for a good while, until I make my way home again. Our stall won't be missing however, Alex and Jess are trucking on and I'm planning on leaving some of our things with them. So hope you can make it! 11-2, Grey Lynn Community Centre. We've got a whole bunch of charm necklaces back in stock and all our usual lovelies to see.

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